QandA will be aired live from Mackay on Monday, August 27.
QandA will be aired live from Mackay on Monday, August 27. Contributed

REVEALED: Colourful panel locked in for Mackay QandA

EXCLUSIVE: Mackay may host one of the fieriest Q&A panels when the popular ABC television show airs live from the MECC later this month.

The Daily Mercury can reveal the colourful panellists due to appear at Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre on Monday, August 27.

LNP Member for Dawson George Christensen will join KAP Member for Kennedy Bob Katter and One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson.

Also due to appear on the night is Labor Member for Herbert Cathy O'Toole and former Greens senator Larissa Waters, who resigned last year.

Considering the controversial nature of many of the panellists, it seems likely tempers will flare.

Adding to the mix was a Facebook post made by Mr Christensen in recent days, encouraging Mackay and surrounds to "show them the North is different".

"Normally Q&A audiences seemed filled with lefties and greens, let's show them the North is different!" he urged.

"Have your say on issues, from the need for a coal-fired power station, to cutting our high immigration rates (and no doubt the idea of new NQ state will be discussed)."

When asked about his motives, Mr Christensen said he wants to see a diversity of views broadcast, instead of what he considers a largely metro outlook.

"I'm very glad Q&A is moving outside the capital city-centric area ... instead of largely Sydney-based audiences.

"It's great to get mixed views, particularly from regional Australia," he said.

"It'll be great to have them here in Mackay and I think we're going to get a very different sort of flavour.

"Ordinarily, you find Q&A audiences dominated by people completely opposed to coal mining or the agricultural industry.

"But when they come to a place like Mackay, I think they'll get quite different views put forward on these issues."

Mr Christensen emphasised every taxpayer deserves a say, even if their views do break from the narrative or prove controversial.

Q&A states on its website it aims for a "good mix of political views including supporters of both the major and minor parties" in its audience.

Visit online to apply to be in the audience.