Peter Madden with his flag.
Peter Madden with his flag.

Retiree gives up flag fight

AN IPSWICH man says he has given up on having a permanent flag pole erected on land beside his home in a retirement resort.

But Peter Madden, 72, said he was hopeful management at the Bremer Waters retirement complex would permanently install a flagpole for the whole site and fly the national flag every day of the year.

The Queensland Times had previously reported on Mr Madden’s fight for a flagpole on his property, after being told he couldn’t have one on his veranda or courtyard.

In both instances he had put up a pole but was told to take it down because it breached a contract he signed when moving into the resort.

On-site manager John Goyen said he was told to take it down because it was a health and safety hazard as well as breaching resort rules on installing fixtures and structures.

Mr Madden said he had been approached by management this week with a plan where they would install a permanent flagpole at the front of the Bremer Rivers site.

The flag would then be raised only on special occasions such as Anzac Day and Australia Day.

Mr Madden said he recognised the concession made by Bremer Waters management but said the flag should fly every day of the year, and said it was likely he would reject the proposal.

“I have accepted that I can’t put up a flag pole, but I think if they put one up, they should fly it every day of the year,” Mr Madden said.

Mr Madden said he was waiting on advice from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

He said he felt the two breach notices he received for flying the flag were unfair, and would contest the issue at the tribunal depending on costs.

Bremer Waters management did not wish to comment.

Mr Madden said he was surprised at the media attention his story received after first appearing in the QT.

Phone calls from radio and TV news came early the next day and he later appeared on A Current Affair.

“I didn’t think it would cause such a stir,” he said.

Mr Madden, who has lived in the complex for 14 months, only recently moved back into his house at the Moores Pocket Rd site after it was devastated by January’s floods.