Raj Sharma from Indian Mehfil talks about food delivery businesses.
Raj Sharma from Indian Mehfil talks about food delivery businesses.

Restaurant owner to match fire donations dollar-for-dollar

AS CATASTROPHIC bushfires continue to cause widespread devastation down south, Indian Mehfil owner Raj Sharma has urged the Ipswich community to come together and dig deep.

“What we’re seeing in the media, obviously we feel deeply for those people who have lost everything, not just their home, they have lost everything,” he said.

“It’s the least we can do to help them in whatever shape and form we can.”

The Indian restaurant is collecting donations and has pledged to match every dollar.

“We did fundraise in December but then we saw what is happening now and decided we must help,” Mr Sharma said.

“We can’t go there and put a fire out, but whatever part we can play to raise money to help those firefighters and to help those families, then we should all play our part.

“We serve about 1000 customers a week, so even if we target those, we get $1000 and we will put in $1000 as well.

The restaurant faces hard times, too, with its doors to close in February for two months to put in new flooring after it started to collapse.

“At least after two months I know I’ll still have a restaurant and the community will support me.

“Those people who have lost everything, they don’t have a restaurant to go back to in two months’ time,” Mr Sharma said.

“I would appreciate it if the community could rally around and all of the business do whatever we can.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s small, $1 or 50c, collective efforts can turn into big dollars.”