Residents warned ‘back it up’ on roads as pub flooded

IPSWICH residents are being warned not to risk driving through flood waters as heavy rain over the weekend caused local roads, and even a pub, to be flooded.

Residents reported water over roads around the city and the Mihi Tavern in Brassall was closed early on Saturday night as water flooded through.

Ipswich City State Emergency Service Unit local controller Emily Salonen said the unit had received 52 requests for assistance since Thursday.

Most of those requests related to leaking roofs and fallen trees and branches.

Ms Salonen said the Ipswich unit did not provide sandbags and urged motorists to 'back it up' if they encountered flooded roads.

"We have had a few calls for assistance about water (built up) around the home," she said.

"We don't provide sandbags related to heavy rain, drainage issues and overland flow.

"If there are major flooding events, sandbag collection points might be established by council. Council will handle that."

She urged people not to drive through flood waters with more rain on the horizon.

"Make a plan to take an alternate route or wait until it dissipates, it's not worth it," she said.

"You don't know how fast it's moving and how deep it is.

"We've had a lot of jobs resulting out of poor property maintenance. Before these big events, ensure your gutters are clean, you've secured loose items and you are prepared."

She recommended to set up a plan on the Get Ready Queensland website.