Rain is about to hit the Ipswich region
Rain is about to hit the Ipswich region BOM

Residents told to prepare for heavy rain today

WITH several forecasts for a wild and wet few days in the Ipswich region, it appears that Thursday lunchtime is going to be the start of all the action.

A storm warning was issued at 11am, but Ipswich will be spared the worst of it.

A large band of rain and storms is heading straight for Ipswich as of late this morning, with Ipswich recording barely a drop of rain from the severe storms that hit southeast Queensland last night.

The rain stretches from Dalby to Warwick and is expected to hit Ipswich by 1pm today. The heaviest rain will be in the northern part of the band, as it intensifies.

Showers and rain are expected to move into the area over the coming 78 hours, with Saturday predicted to be the wettest, with up to 20mm predicted.