Nude Beach at Tyagarah offs Grays Lane.
Nude Beach at Tyagarah offs Grays Lane. Marc Stapelberg

Residents fear the worst at 'sex pest' beach over summer

TYAGARAH residents say they "are terrified of what could happen at Tyagarah beach over summer" after again asking Byron Shire Council to close the clothing optional beach over safety concerns to no avail.

Yesterday was the third ordinary meeting in a row the issue has been discussed and was described by residents who "still see strong safety concerns" as "agonising".

At council's ordinary November meeting Cr Paul Spooner tabled a petition containing 86 signatures asking for the removal of the clothing optional status due to "ongoing sexual misconduct".

The residents say they have been "let down" by council after councillors decided to keep the beach open.

While the clothing optional beach will remain open, cameras will be installed to record lewd behaviour after a motion recommending the immediate allocation of funds ($10,000) to establish camera's in the reserve passed without debate.

Naturists shook their heads as a representative from the Tyagarah Community Association implored the council to temporarily close the beach over summer and to review the issue in February.

Tyagarah resident Gyan Moyes suggested "closed" stickers be placed over existing signage at the site.

"Come February Council can then look at the status of Tyagarah Beach, considering also the community appetite for clothing optional at Belongil or elsewhere," Mr Moyes said.

Cr Coorey said closing the beach would be "putting a bandaid on a gaping wound" and wouldn't solve the problem.

"It's been 20 years since it was declared clothing optional...yes we can close the beach but we cant close the internet."

Cr Spooner said: "The way to do it (to ensure peoples safety) is take a breath, get rid of the declaration and sort the bloody thing out."

We have to accept we don't have all the ducks lined up on this, there are various opinions whether it should be at Tyagarah, another beach or there at all. Why don't we just put it on hold?"