BURNED RUBBER: A pile of illegally dumped tyres is just the latest in a series of incidents across Ipswich.
BURNED RUBBER: A pile of illegally dumped tyres is just the latest in a series of incidents across Ipswich. Contributed

Residents down in dumps over 'dodgy' tyre collectors

SPRINGFIELD residents are calling for urgent action to track down the dodgy operators responsible for dumping truckloads of tyres in the Ipswich suburb.

In the latest of five reported incidents, about 100 worn out tyres were dumped at the entrance to White Rock Spring Mountain Boronia Trail off Greenbank Arterial Road.

It is believed they were dumped sometime between September 1 and 7.

Springfield Lakes Nature Care president Luise Manning said she believed a 'dodgy tyre collector' was behind the latest incident.

"At first I thought it was a wrecking yard dumping excess old tyres that couldn't be sold second hand but now I'm convinced it's a dodgy collector because they are the worn out tyres," she said

"There's a mix of tyres from large truck to four-wheel-drive.

"I was told this by a Greenbank resident who contacted me who saw them dumped two weeks ago.

"This contractor is collecting the $10 tyre levy from the tyre retailer and is supposed to take them to the recycle plant but he doesn't he just dumps them, that way he doesn't have to pay the recycling plant the fee."

Ipswich City Council has reported a spate of tyre dumping.

In another recent incident, about 40 large tyres were discarded on a Centenary Highway side-road between Springfield and Ripley - not far from the pile identified by Ms Manning.

A council spokesman said the tyres were dumped near a pile of concrete blocks and other demolition waste that had been illegally left on the other side of the Centenary Highway.

That mess had only just been cleared up by the council, at considerable expense. Council's Health, Security and Regulatory Services Department compliance manager said the council would investigate the reports thoroughly and use "a range of tools" to catch offenders red-handed.

"We think it is just a few rogue operators ... people cutting corners to save a few dollars, but this is a risk to the community and creates issues with clean-up," he said.

The recent dumping followed three incidents in August.

About 30 tyres were dumped on conservation land at the corner of Springfield Greenbank Arterial and Lakes Entrance Drive; another truckload at Addison Rd Reserve, Camira; and at Wanderer Cres, Springfield Lakes.