Residents in dark on NBN failure

Move to NBN they said. It will be the best thing since sliced bread, they said. Until it stopped working, it was.

For two months, residents in Aspinall Street Leichhardt have had little or no connection to the internet.

Some are using the old cable connections, most are on NBN.

I know that at least half a dozen residents can not connect to the internet or get a call out on the land lines, whether on Optus or Telstra.

I've called and messaged Telstra so many times and gone through all the fault finding shenanigans until I'm blue in the face.

I've had several technicians attend the property, and just as many cancelled appointments.

Why? Because all I get in answer, is that NBN has completed further testing an no one needs to home for the appointment and they will contact me to discuss the next steps.

So, what are the next steps? Why, it's to do further troubleshooting with my provider to resolve my connection issue.

If I knew how many times this has gone around and around and around, with no result, I'd get dizzy!!!

NBN Co are unable, or unwilling to find a fault with the services, because as long as the lights are on in the right spots on the modem and NBN Connection Device, apparently all is well.

Guess what? All is not well, and hasn't been for two months.

The only way I can connect my home device now to the brilliant NBN Network, is to run my modem in its backup mobile mode, and call my provider every time the data runs out.

Too bad for the residents working from home, hey!!

Writing this letter to you is my third last resort to finally get the "NBN Network Issue" sorted out.

My second last is finding out if a class action suit is viable. Last resort is completely disconnecting from all mobile, internet and home phone accounts.

Surely my teens won't mind, right?

Morgan Lovell, Leichhardt