CALAVOS residents are up in arms at the state of Yellow Waterholes Creek as maggot-ridden dead fish and eels line the waterway.

Nearby resident Samantha Veitch said there were hundreds of dead fish and eels at the creek on Friday, with a sickening smell emanating from the ailing creek.

"It was blanketed in dead fish and eels," she said.

"I've never seen that many dead eels, there were hundreds."

Fellow Calavos resident Charlie Ramsay called for the Environmental Protection Agency to get involved.

"We've had enough," he said.

Mr Ramsay said he had lived in the area for almost 12 years, but had never seen the creek in such poor health.

"It's never, ever happened before," he said.

A dead fish in Yellow Waterholes Creek on Wolfenden Road Calavos.
A dead fish in Yellow Waterholes Creek on Wolfenden Road Calavos. Mike Knott

Mr Ramsay said the waterway travelled right along the back of Sam's Creek, which was a concern to locals.

"It contaminates the water underground," he said.

"This has never, ever happened before, ever."

Ms Veitch and Mr Ramsay said they had both lodged complaints with the council.

On Monday, a silvery slick could be seen on the creek's depleted water.

A spokeswoman for Bundaberg Regional Council said the council was looking into the issue.

"Council officers are investigating after recently being made aware of an issue," she said.