Illegal dumping at Bundamba.
Illegal dumping at Bundamba.

Resident calls for cameras to catch illegal dumpers

A BUNDAMBA resident has called for free skips, dump vouchers and cameras to help combat serious dumping issues in local bushland.

Gina Gray addressed the issue on social media last month and said since then the dumping has only intensified.

“At the moment there is a great big pile of rubbish sitting on Emma Street, Blackstone, that was recently dumped,” she said.

Illegal dumping at Bundamba.
Illegal dumping at Bundamba.

“I’ve reported it to the council, I haven’t heard anything back from them.

“Among the rubbish were children’s exercise school books with the children’s first names on it…there was actually an identifying trimester ultrasound from the Ipswich General Hospital with a person’s name on it.

“The rubbish, inside on Barclay St, there was a birth certificate dumped and a photo album.”

Ms Gray said one of the rubbish piles had been set alight about a month ago.

It’s understood the rubbish is being dumped on land that is privately owned, which has caused some issues around getting it cleared.

Ms Gray is hoping Ipswich City Council will be able to assist with the problem and said she will be meeting with Division 3 councillors this week to discuss further.

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said the situation was complex and frustrating for both residents and council.

Illegal dumping at Bundamba.
Illegal dumping at Bundamba.

“The situation is a little complex because majority of the land we are talking about is privately owned and council and residents cannot trespass and enter that property,” she said.

“I still urge residents to call council and report all illegal dumping. At that point we will investigate and if it is on council property, for instance the road verge, we will immediately take action to clean that up.

“Where the site of the illegal dumping is privately owned property, we continue to liaise with owners of the property to try and get them to clean it up, but it is a complex situation when it does involve illegal dumping on private property.

“Residents need to be aware, it’s not only illegal dumping, but they are effectively trespassing.”

Bushland in Bundamba, Riverview and Swanbank have all been named as dumping hot spots.

Individuals caught dumping their rubbish could cop a fine of $2669 and corporations could be fined up to $10,000.