UPDATE, 1.30pm

A two-year-old child was attacked by a dingo while his family slept, according to a paramedic who treated the boy at the scene.

Identified as Lee, Fraser Island's duty paramedic said the toddler walked outside unsupervised when the attack happened.

"The two year old male child had managed to somehow to get out of the house that the family was staying at while the other members of the family were in the house asleep and he had gone for a little wander and had been approached by one of the dingoes," he said.

The toddler was attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island.
The toddler was attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island. RACQ Lifeflight

The paramedic said nearby residents had "heard the commotion" coming from outside and his family then took the boy to meet the paramedic for treatment.

He said the toddler suffered bite marks and puncture wounds to his left leg, left arm, shoulder, the base of his neck and the base of his head.

"None of these wounds were life-threatening but some of them were quite deep puncture marks," he said.

UPDATE, 12.10pm

Neighbours have come to the rescue after a toddler was attacked by a dingo while playing outside a house at Orchid Beach on Fraser Island.

It is believed the child, who was holidaying with his family, had been playing outside a home when neighbours heard a commotion, according to a statement from RACQ Lifeflight.

They reportedly went to investigate and saw a dingo attacking the toddler.

The neighbours intervened and emergency services were called, the spokesman said.

Dingoes on Fraser Island.
Dingoes on Fraser Island.

As they were flying towards Orchid Beach, the crew from the Lifeflight Rescue helicopter was talking to the child's father on the phone and advised him to drive his son to the nearby helipad.

Paramedics met the family at the landing site and began treating the boy for multiple injuries as the chopper landed.

The boy suffered bites to his head and body.

His mother accompanied him to hospital in Bundaberg.

He travelled in a stable condition. 

UPDATE, 11.15am

Rangers from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service are investigating after a dingo attacked a young boy on Fraser Island on Saturday morning.

The rangers were informed after the attack and are now interviewing witnesses.

The dingo bit the child on the head and body during the attack.

The attack happened in Orchid Beach in a residential area, not in a camping area, according to the Department of Environment and Science.

A young, mature female dingo on 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island.
A young, mature female dingo on 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island. Rowan Schindler

At this stage it is not known if the dingo has displayed problem behaviour in the past.

A spokeswomen from DES said a decision would be made regarding dingo management once a positive identification could be made and in collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Butchulla traditional owners.

People are reminded to be dingo safe and not to feed or interact with the animals.

UPDATE, 9.30am

A male child has been airlifted off Fraser Island after a dingo attack.

The child reportedly suffered injuries to his thigh, buttocks, head and shoulder after being bitten by the animal.

The incident happened at a private address at Orchid Beach about 7.30am, according to a spokeswoman from the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The boy was taken to Bundaberg Hospital.

UPDATE, 9.15am

The Department of Environment and Science has issued a tweet saying it is aware of the incident and rangers are investigating.

A further update will be provided later on Saturday.

QAS rescuing 2 year old boy attacked by Dingo on Fraser Island
QAS rescuing 2 year old boy attacked by Dingo on Fraser Island

EARLIER, 8.45am

A patient is being treated for superficial injuries after they were reportedly attacked by a dingo on Fraser Island.

Paramedics are assessing the patient, with the rescue helicopter at the scene.

The person was bitten by the dingo about 7.30am, according to the Queensland Ambulance Service.

More to come.

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