BATTERIES CHARGE: Convicted thief Shaun O'Connor helped himself to car batteries and scrap metal.
BATTERIES CHARGE: Convicted thief Shaun O'Connor helped himself to car batteries and scrap metal. Ross Irby

Repeat offender's brazen daytime haul

SCRAP metal and car batteries were on the hit list for convicted thief Shaun O'Connor when he simply drove up to a house in the middle of the day and hauled away the goods.

An Ipswich court heard how O'Connor and a mate filled a car trailer with more than a dozen batteries before driving off when spotted.

He had previously targeted scrap metal.

Shaun Matthew O'Connor, 26, from Redbank Plains, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to stealing; trespass; and driving when his licence was court disqualified.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Carl Spargo said O'Connor drove at Gailes on April 29 despite his licence being disqualified by a court order; stole 15 car batteries at Deebing Heights on April 15; and trespassed by entering a yard.

Sen-Const Spargo said witnesses told police that it was 1pm when they saw a vehicle parked in front of a neighbour's garage.

A male was seen to go to the front door and knock but there was no answer.

The man and a male passenger then opened a gate and located a quantity of car batteries, making three or four trips each carrying batteries.

About 15 batteries were taken.

Two weeks later and O'Connor was intercepted by police when illegally driving.

A court had disqualified his licence for three months between March 19 and June 18.

Magistrate David Shepherd asked for details on a previous conviction of O'Connor for stealing in March, saying these latest offences happened within weeks of this.

"Do you not understand you shouldn't do this," Mr Shepherd said.

"I do understand," O'Connor said.

Sen-Const Spargo said that offence happened on February 7 in Redbank Plains.

He said O'Connor drove a vehicle through a gate with an associate and parked next to scrap metal.

O'Connor and the male helped themselves to four air-conditioning condensers and loaded them into a trailer.

When the owner arrived on the scene, O'Connor drove off but the owner followed in his car.

The trailer broke and O'Connor had to pull over and stop with police arriving soon after.

Sen-Const Spargo told Mr Shepherd that O'Connor was ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid community service work for stealing and trespass.

For the new offences Mr Shepherd fined O'Connor $700 and disqualified his licence for two years.