The car thief spent 83 days in jail and was subsequently paroled.
The car thief spent 83 days in jail and was subsequently paroled.

Repeat car thief free after doing some jail time

SPOTTED behind the wheel of a stolen Kia Serrato its driver Jacob George was at it again with police tracking the offender from Ipswich CBD to Bellbird Park.

It was just six months after George had been sentenced to a jail term for dangerous driving in a stolen car.

This time on September 20 police grabbed George inside a house with the keys to another stolen car.

He was arrested and this week appeared in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Jacob Jimmy Lee George, 26, from Redbank, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving on September 20; two counts of driving when court disqualified; enter dwelling to steal; receive tainted property; stealing; unlawful use of a stolen car (Kia); and failing to appear in court.

Prosecutor senior Constable Dave Shelton said George was sentenced back in March to a 12 month jail term for dangerous driving and using a stolen car. But given arole after he served 103 days.

For the new offences police sought a jail term of up to 16 months.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said the first disqualified drive involved George testing a out a trail bike.

He sought for the court to take into account his significant mental health issues.

Magistrate Donna MacCallum said police saw him driving in an erratic manner at 1.45pm that day and followed.

In Bundamba he veered onto the incorrect side of the road when driving through an intersection.

His questionable driving included excessive speed on Byrne St, and going onto the incorrect side along Jones Road.

He was seen to swerve into a driveway at Bellbird Park where he abandoned the car.

But was found inside the house with the car keys hidden in his bedroom.

Ms MacCallum said such offences can end in tragic consequences.

She said it was a matter of good luck and people would have a right to be angry if an (innocent) person had died or been severely injured.

Ms MacCallum said George had driven when disqualified on July 7 and September 20.

And stolen from Queensland Health and AODS.

For unlawful use of a stolen car and dangerous driving George was sentenced to 14 months jail.

He received lesser jail terms for his other offences.

He was disqualified from driving for two years on the driving when disqualified offence (and three months jail); and disqualified 18 months for dangerous driving.

With 83 days already spent in custody George was immediately released to parole.