Amal Clooney and her husband, George.
Amal Clooney and her husband, George. BANG Showbiz

Renowned lawyer celebrates anniversary with actor husband

AMAL and George Clooney enjoyed a "very civilised" second anniversary.

The couple celebrated two years of marriage on September 27 and the 55-year-old hunk marked the occasion by cooking a meal for his lawyer spouse.

Asked how they celebrated, he joked: "We mostly drank."

He then added to 'Entertainment Tonight': "I made dinner and we had a very romantic second anniversary. Very civilised."

However, George admitted his spouse isn't always a fan of his cooking.

He told E! News: "I don't think she's ever quite impressed with my cooking.

"If I slap something together-- spaghetti and meatballs --she doesn't know that it comes in a jar, so I can just fool her with that one."

Before tying the knot with Amal, the 'Monuments Men' star - who was previously married to actress Talia Balsam - had vowed never to wed again and he poked fun at his previous reputation as a ladies' man when discussing his marriage.

He quipped: "And they said it wouldn't last. Ah, we proved them wrong!"

George also praised his "heroic" wife for her work as a human rights lawyer, pointing to her representation of a young woman, Nadia, who was sold as a slave to terrorist organisation ISIS, as an example of how she defies "risk" to represent cases she believes in.

He said: "Of course I'm proud of her. Yeah, it comes with risk.

"You spend an afternoon with that young woman [Nadia], there's no way you couldn't stand up for her. She's so brave. She's the one who's the bravest because she's in the most dangerous [situation].

"I think Amal's decision to [represent her] was, of course, heroic."

Last year, George and Amal celebrated their first anniversary with a low-key dinner at the Sunset Tower Hotel's Tower Bar in West Hollywood, and the 'Ocean's 11' star admitted he hadn't wanted to go all out for the occasion as he intended to make more elaborate plans as time went on.

He said at the time: "This is the paper anniversary you don't want to go too crazy on the first, you know, you've got a lot more to do."