Company calls for informed debate on Ipswich 'incinerator'

THE company at the centre of a controversial waste to energy facility proposed for Ipswich has called for residents to give the project a fair go.

Remondis is working to lodge an application with the coordinator general to build a $400 million waste-to-energy plant at Swanbank.

The project has already drawn strong criticism despite finer details of the facility yet to be determined.

In an extensive opinion piece provided to the QT, Remondis Queensland operations general manager Bret Collins calls for people to consider the project on its merits.

"Remondis does not expect everyone to agree with what it is proposing, but it does ask for the right to suggest a better solution and then to test that against strict environmental benchmarks," he wrote.

"We ask for informed, considered community discussion and will activity contribute to that."

In March a community meeting was held in opposition to the proposed incinerator.

Mr Collins said it was "demeaning" to label Ipswich a dumping ground.

"The waste management industry in Ipswich is receiving a hammering from individuals and organisations who unfairly label Ipswich as a dumping ground and are rallying against incinerators," he said.

"What is being ignored is the fact that all of us, including these individuals and organisations, are part of the problem the waste management industry is solving.

"It is disingenuous to put a red-top wheelie bin on the footpath each week, or deposit litter in a council bin, or discard scraps from a fast food meal, and then wash your hands of the processes that collect, sort and manage that waste."