Jorja McDonnell

Remembering Lily: Dad speaks of his little girl gone

THE grieving community of Roma has filled every spare pew and the aisle at St Paul's Anglican Church, with mourners spilling out of the doors as the Dorrough and Higgs family farewelled their youngest daughter, Lily.

Nearly 200 people dressed in purple were there with Nerissa and Hallie Higgs, and Michael Dorrough, the family of Lily who died when she was crushed by a tyre where she was playing at a Roma business this month.

Lily's dad, Michael, gave an emotional speech about his "beautiful princess".

The little girl, who was just 7, clearly made a big impact in her short life, with her bubbly and kind nature never failing to astound her loving parents.

"Just one example of Lily's kindness and compassion was shown to me while we were watching the Easter street parade this year," Mr Dorrough said in his speech.

"A younger child near us had lost their balloon and started crying; Lily immediately felt sorry for them, went straight over and gave her balloon to the child just to make them happy again.

Roma poured out to remember the fun-loving Lily Dorrough. social media

"Lily didn't get that from me, that was just Lily. She wanted everyone to be happy."

In the spirit of his daughter, Mr Dorrough thanked people in the community who had rallied behind them since the accident, and urged each person in the church to live each day like Lily did.

"For everyone in this community, and everywhere else, who has shown Lily and our family love and kindness, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart," he said choking back tears.

"I want to encourage everyone to take something from Lily's way of living.

"Please be kind, always. Ask plenty of questions about anything and everything you'd like. Be a little bit more adventurous than you have been previously in life, but most of all, always have fun doing it."

After the funeral service, the procession travelled across town to the Roma Cemetery, where Lily was laid to rest in a purple coffin, gifted to the family by an anonymous donor.