BIG FUTURE: Antoinette Mobb has moved The Cake Mobb to 173 Brisbane St, formerly Adams' Cake Shop and most recently Cactus Espresso.
BIG FUTURE: Antoinette Mobb has moved The Cake Mobb to 173 Brisbane St, formerly Adams' Cake Shop and most recently Cactus Espresso. Cordell Richardson

Relocation helps top cake maker rise to the occasion

RELOCATING only a short distance has proved the icing on the cake for one local business, with lots more diners now streaming through the door.

The Cake Mobb, in Brisbane St, has set up shop at the former Cactus Espresso Bar site.

Locals are taking advantage of all the extras The Cake Mobb now offers.

Owner Antoinette Mobb said she was delighted with the response.

"The move has been amazing. It has been such a short time in my career, from home-based to sub-leasing at Limestone Emporium and then to here. It has been overwhelming and so encouraging," Ms Mobb said.

"It has only been a few weeks, but the response and trade has been really good." Ms Mobb said.

Cactus Espresso Bar's closure opened up an opportunity to move Ms Mobb's business to the next level.

Ms Mobb said it has been a long-held dream to establish her own cafe and have her popular cakes front and centre.

"Since opening, my cake orders have booked up," Ms Mobb said.

"I am fully booked for August and my diary is filling for the remainder of the year; it is very exciting."

"I was hiring a commercial kitchen but I now have my dream and all that I need in one place."

The Cake Mobb specialises in cakes, macarons and cupcakes.

Ms Mobb has been serving up croissants, toasted and fresh sandwiches and raisin toast.

"I am serving light meals but it is the sweets that we are well known for. I am serving the very popular Merlo Coffee, too," Ms Mobb said.

Cake Mobb's cupcakes are full of flavour, with rich surprises in each cake.

"When I say it is a Mars Bar cupcake, it is not just a flavour, it is a Mars Bar in the cake," she said.

"The same goes for fruit and other fillings, they are full of flavour."

Cake Mobb began as a hobby but has now turned into a very successful business.

Ms Mobb makes and decorates cakes for for all occasions, especially special events like weddings, anniversaries and other milestones. The business caters for all sizes of crowd.

"I love to talk over the ideas that customers have," Ms Mobb said.

"They are very welcome to share pictures or rough sketches and I will work with them from there."

Every character and special feature on the cake is handmade. Multi-tiered cakes are popular and mud cakes and red velvet are still winners.

"I make all of the cakes as gluten-free to order. We have a range of gluten-free options in the cafe. I do vegan to order and I am very happy to make cakes to dietary requirements to order," Ms Mobb said.

"It is great to have business people coming into the cafe for meetings. I am seeing a lot of people coming in for catch-ups and for a short break. The nook at the back is popular for those taking time out. It is fresh and welcoming, people love the new look.

"I do all the cooking and baking - it is all done on the premises.

"The community has embraced me and has come in to say congratulations."

The Cake Mobb opens from 8.30am-2.30 pm, Wednesday-Friday, and until noon on Saturday.

"When the doors close on the cafe, I am hard at work on cake orders, baking and getting ready for the next day or event," Ms Mobb said.

You can contact The Cake Mobb at the café, 173 Brisbane Street, Top of Town or via Facebook.