If you've got a racing wheel, use it. The keyboard is kind of painful to use.
If you've got a racing wheel, use it. The keyboard is kind of painful to use.

Relax with the best truck you've ever had

IT'D be easy to miss one of the best recent gaming releases purely because 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' sounds terrible.

Even if I were to explain that it's an in-depth recreation of truck driving and the trucking business, you'd still be likely to write it off.

Despite how boring it sounds, it's worth having a look.

There's an odd difference between what kind of computer games end up on the shelves here and the ones that you'd find in Europe.

While we're used to seeing Call of Duty, Halo or Arkham Asylum, they're also used to seeing 'simulator' games that take the parts of life that aren't 'killing people' and making them playable.

I won't try to analyse the psyche of our Eurogaming siblings, but I'll describe the role these games play for Aussies right now: sheer relaxation bliss.

ETS2 lets you operate as a trucker, driving and buying stunningly realistic recreations of real-world trucks along the highways of Europe.

Pick up jobs, start your own company, hire other drivers and buy progressively better prime movers. You'll have to make sure you get enough sleep, stick to deadlines and don't speed.

The toughest part is by far parking the trailers, though nailing the technique is embarrassingly satisfying.

I can't speak to the realities of truck driving as a career, but this 'game' is sneakily addictive and perfect for winding down after a day at work.