READY TO RACE: Chaz Mostert cannot wait to get back on the track when the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship resumes on June 27 at Sydney Motorsport Park.
Picture: Daniel Kalisz Getty images
READY TO RACE: Chaz Mostert cannot wait to get back on the track when the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship resumes on June 27 at Sydney Motorsport Park. Picture: Daniel Kalisz Getty images

Reigniting Mostert’s passion

"The competition," Virgin Australia Supercars driver Chaz Mostert said when asked what he has missed most about racing.

"100 per cent. The competition and obviously the fans as well. I've always been competitive my whole life, so I've missed not having that drive and going toe-to-toe."

Certain sights, sounds and scents are synonymous with the racetrack.

Instantly recognisable by drivers and fans alike, they stimulate, excite and keep people coming back.

Mostert misses them too.

"(I miss) feeling the car slide underneath you," he said.

"It sounds silly but the smell of rubber and the smell of brakes, and all of that stuff that you are so accustomed to is something that you miss massively."

The Mobil 1 Appliances Online Racing team member does not have to wait much longer to once again experience the adrenaline-charged thrills he and so many others have been hooked on for so long, with confirmation the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship will resume at Sydney Motorsport Park on June 27 and 28. Its absence has been hard on both competitors and fans but motorsport is set to return, with the announcement of a revised V8 season, featuring 11 events to run between June and February.

While the All Star E-Series kept fans engaged and gave him some form of competition to look forward to, Mostert says it will never replace the real thing.

"I'm just so excited to be able to do our passionate sport that I've loved for so long,' he said.

"I can't wait to get out there and give it a red hot crack."

Mostert sympathises with all of those people around the world to have fallen on hard times due to coronavirus.

While the shutdown has been a challenging time for so many, it has also been difficult to navigate for sportspeople whose livelihoods appeared in jeopardy early on in the crisis, with no certainty competitions would recommence.

"It's been tricky for athletes in a way because we're used to having structure and an event to look forward to but it has been unknown for some time," Mostert said.

"It has been quite tricky. People have dealt with it in their own ways."

Although the 28-year-old relished the opportunity to enjoy some quality family time , he admits they are getting sick of him and he is desperate to get back to work.

"Busy is a loose word I would say at this time," he said.

"I've just been staying home and trying to do the right thing by everyone else. I've been driving my family up the wall. I'm pretty sure they're pretty excited for me to go back to work as well. I've just been trying to maintain some level of fitness in the surrounds I've had but I'm definitely ready to go back to work. I can tell you that much."

It has been strange not knowing if they would race again this year but drivers can now start turning their attentions to competing.

Mostert said it was great to have some clarity surrounding the championship and he commended organisers on allowing drivers enough time to ready themselves.

He said it had been the longest many of them had ever been out of the driver's seat and there would undoubtedly be some rust when they hit the track in Sydney.

"Our sport is unique in a lot of ways," he said.

"It's not so much about physical strength a lot of heat training and stuff like that. For me personally, I'll obviously be ramping up the physical side but I also like to do a lot of heat training, so a lot of sauna stuff and just being in hot environments. Being in Winter it is a little bit tricky. It's usually easy to do heat training at the Gold Coast but it's a bit cold at the moment, so I'll just utilise the things we can. The next five weeks will be pretty intense to pick back up on the fitness and get ready mentally. I'm pumped."