Greg Chemello and Diann Chemello.
Greg Chemello and Diann Chemello. Contributed

Register change reveals Chemello's taste for finer things

AN UPDATE to Greg Chemello's register of interests reveals the Ipswich administrator has a penchant for the finer things in life.

Mr Chemello, now in the 11th of his 19-month secondment to Ipswich, has updated his register to add tickets, lunches and a trip to New Zealand.

Unlike the mayoral predecessors, the administrator has spent little time in the corporate boxes of AFL and NRL matches.

Instead, the dapper Mr Chemello has opted for a night of choreography.

Mr Chemello was gifted tickets from the Queensland Ballet for two performances, according to his register of interests.

He was gifted tickets worth up to $115 to Queensland Ballet's performance of Dangerous Liaisons, a classic tale of seduction and betrayal.

Mr Chemello also attended the Queensland Ballet's performance of The Masters Series in May.

He was treated to "a breathtaking triple bill featuring masterpieces from ballet's best", according to the ballet company's program.

Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers provided Mr Chemello with tickets to two events.

He was granted tickets to the Doomben Cup Day on May 18 and a ticket to the legal firm's Christmas celebration.

Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers has previously been engaged by Ipswich City Council to undertake a legal review of delegations regarding council-owned companies.

Mr Chemello, a qualified planner, is maintaining his skills in the area while in Ipswich.

In February Mr Chemello attended the Property Council Residential Development Summit in New Zealand.

The summit discussed the Kiwi's housing shortage and how affordable homes could be built faster, without compromising on quality.

In April Mr Chemello had dinner with former Toronto chief city planner Jennifer Keesmatt, courtesy of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

The administrator will oversee the governance of Ipswich City Council until residents return to the polls in March 2020.