Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith is enjoying the club culture having been one of the first players to sign up. Picture: David Lems
Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith is enjoying the club culture having been one of the first players to sign up. Picture: David Lems

Refreshed fast bowler bats for teammates off the boil

WITH so much cricket played these days, having a proper off-season break can be just what the proverbial doctor ordered.

For Ipswich Hornets opening fast bowler Adam Smith, that is certainly the case.

Smith has injected himself into Queensland Premier Grade matches this season feeling refreshed after some welcome time off.

Having been with the Hornets since their debut season in 2012/13, Smith conceded he needed some time away from the game to freshen up and work on his bowling action.

He did that during the COVID mid-year sporting shutdown.

"I got away from it completely,'' he said.

"Surfing mostly. Fishing, camping, surfing.''

After enjoying his escape to the Sunshine Coast, Smith was back to work preparing for a new season.

"I had an intent to change a couple of things with my run-up and my action for a couple of seasons now,'' he said.

"At the start of this season, I was just like 'I'll bite the bullet'.

"It was a good break.''

Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith. Picture: David Lems
Ipswich Hornets fast bowler Adam Smith. Picture: David Lems

In the latest two-day competition match which finished on Saturday, Ipswich were beaten by competition leaders Northern Suburbs.

Smith took 2/64  when Norths amassed a 317 run total at Baxter Oval.

In the hot conditions on the second day's play, the Hornets were bundled out for 156 before restoring some pride being sent back in.

The Hornets finished the day at 2/154 with left-handed batsman Levi Thomson-Matthews unbeaten on 55 and powerful right-hander Harry Wood not out on 22.

Smith said the Hornets' recent batting efforts were disappointing, having had a chance to beat Toombul after keeping them to just 212 in the previous match.

However, Smith was confident his side would fire up before Christmas, mounting another rally in the new year as the team did last season before making the two-day final.

"The results we've had this season probably aren't how we envisaged it to go,'' Smith said.

"I think we're just getting starts (with the bat). I'm not sure what it comes down to.

"But we'll keep ticking along.

"We know that we are not far off. It just comes down to a couple of small things.

"We know what we've got to do. It's a just a matter of implementing.''

Smith, 24, has played his part opening the bowling attack with allrounder Harry Wood.

The former Ipswich Grammar School student has taken 18 wickets with a best of 3/46 against Norths in the recent one-day competition semi-final.

"It's not too bad. They've been coming out well at the moment,'' Smith said of his recent consistent form.

"I just sort of relax in my game.

"This year is a different mindset, different approach.

"I had a good off-season.''

While the Hornets batsmen refocus on building stronger partnerships, Smith was encouraged by his bowling unit.

"We're all sort of hitting our straps now,'' he said.

"We've all bowled a fair few 20 over days now and there's been some long hot days.''

Yet to snare a five-wicket haul, he said his most satisfying return was against Toombul.

"Most of the day that day, I had the ball swinging around on a nice wicket,'' he said.

"That was pretty good to bowl in tandem with Harry.''

Having come straight into the Hornets system from school, Smith is enjoying his current level of cricket.

"I love playing for the Hornets,'' he said.

"I loved the fact that I started pretty much at the birth of it and gone through a fair few tough years at the start.

"To see what it is now, with Moorey (Aaron Moore) and stuff coaching, it's really good to be a part of. And just the culture.

"The group we've got now, we've all played three or four seasons together.

"There's a lot of young boys coming in, which is great to see.

"We've got a good uniformity in both ones and twos (Reserve Grade), just like a squad perspective.''


Qld Premier Grade

1st Grade at Baxter Oval 

Norths 1st Innings (resuming at 9/302)

Extras (7b 5lb 9w) 21

Total (99ov) 317

FoW: 317

Bowling: Adam Smith 20/5/64/2; Harry Wood 9/1/29/0; Sean Lutter 20/6/51/1; Jack Wood 24/3/81/3; Dylan McAteer 15/0/49/0; Bryn Llewellyn 11/2/31/1

Hornets 1st Innings

Dan Wilson st Healy b McSweeney 20 (33)

Levi Thomson-Mathews lbw Sardar 42 (119)

Bryn Llewellyn c Wilson b Sardar 31 (84)

Harry Wood c Healy b Sardar 3 (33)

Jack Wood b Sully 7 (18)

Anthony Wilson c ? b Sully 19 (26)

Harry Austin lbw Sully 12 (37)

Jake Cross lbw Sully 5 (6)

Adam Smith c Brown b Sardar 0 (9)

Dylan McAteer lbw Sully 5 (21)

Sean Lutter not out 4 (15)

Extras (1lb 5w 2nb) 8

Total (66.3ov) 156  

FoW: 32, 82, 97, 98, 121, 124, 137, 142, 147, 156.

Bowling: C. Sully 13.3/2/35/5; S. Hele 12/6/21/0; N. McSweeney 12/3/27/1; Luke Feldman 9/2/11/0; N. McFadyen 3/2/4/0; H. Sardar 17/1/57/4

Hornets 2nd Innings 

Jack Wood c McSweeney b Sardar 33 (28)

Jake Cross c Wilson b Sardar 41 (39)

Levi Thomson-Mathews not out 55 (32)

Harry Wood not out 22 (19)

Extras (3nb) 3

Total (19ov) 2/154

FoW: 58, 81.

Bowling: Luke Feldman 3/0/27/0; H. Sardar 7/0/57/2; N. McFadyen 5/0/28/0; K. Fleming 2/0/19/0; J. Brown 2/0/23/0.

 2nd Grade at Kedron

Norths Innings 213

Hornets 1st Innings (resuming at 8/29)

Rowan Lutter b Neale 1 (11) 

Josh Creevey lbw Neale 2 (34)

Jacob Waters not out 7 (33)

Extras (1w 3nb) 4

Total (27.5ov) 37

FoW: 29, 37.

Bowling: W. Prestwidge 10/4/15/3; Sam Neale 9.5/4/13/6.

Hornets 2nd Innings 

Greg Carter c Doolan b Prestwidge 14 (23)

Matt Andrews c Chaudhary b White 32 (61)

Lachlan Prince c O'Malley b White 12 (24)

Nick De Giusti c Snell b White 0 (3)

Noah Emerson lbw Hauritz 10 (35)

Michael Topp c&b Hauritz 8 (22)

Nick Bischoff run out 2 (21)

Will Trigar c O'Malley b Hauritz 12 (35)

Rowan Lutter c Doolan b Hauritz 2 (18)

Josh Creevey not out 0 (16)

Jacob Waters b Prestwidge 5 (11)

Extras (4lb 1w 1nb) 6

Total (44.4ov) 104 

FoW: 20, 44, 44, 66, 70, 80, 80, 88, 95, 104

Bowling: W. Prestwidge 6.4/0/20/2; N. Chaudhary 3/0/6/0; Sam Neale 10/0/29/0; J. White 10/2/22/3; Nathan Hauritz 15/6/23/4.