Ipswich hits new high with record-breaking July

THERE'S been record-breaking heat in July, especially in the state's south east, including Ipswich.

Amberley, Brisbane City, the Gold Coast and Warwick have all had their hottest Julys on record, breaking previous records by between 0.1 to 0.2C.

"This July has been the warmest on record at Amberley, with a mean maximum temperature of 24C," Meteorologist Lachlan Stoney said. "That's just a touch warmer than the previous record of 23.9C, which was this time last year with our records going as far back as 1913."

Brisbane's mean maximum temperature was 23.4C, beating last year's July record of 23.2C.

And tracking data from Brisbane Airport, the average July temperature is now more than 1C warmer than it was in 1970, according to Bureau of Meteorology.

But Ipswich and the southeast are in good company with other parts of the planet on track to record record temperatures this July.

Looking ahead to the start of August, Ipswich's maximums will range between 22C and 26C from today until the middle of next week, with minimums struggling to get into double figures.

Overhead the city can expect partly cloudy weather for the next couple of days.

"There's a bit of a disturbance in the upper atmosphere just to the west of Ipswich at the moment," Stoney said. "As a result there is a slight chance of a shower from the late morning or afternoon from today onwards."