Reclaim Australia Twitter hacker tries to cancel rallies

RECLAIM Australia has had its Twitter account hacked ahead of its anti-Islamic extremism rallies around the country today.

The group held 16 rallies in capital cities, regional and rural centres, to protest sharia law, halal certification and Islamic extremism.

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This morning however, the group declared on its social media site it would be giving 'some of our activists' access to the account to live tweet their experiences.   

It turned out they had in fact been hacked.

 'Jez's' first tweet came not long after, followed by a string of tweets over the course of two hours containing profanities and detailing Jez's struggle to get to the rally when his car broke down.     


After 16 tweets, the writer finally decides he's going to go to a park to 'get stoned' instead.  

An hour later, The Reclaim Australia Rally organisers 'issued' a press release saying the person in charge of the account has now had their access removed and will be 'disciplined appropriately'  

"We apologise for any confusion that this may have caused," the statement read.   

"Over 20,000 Australians have been looking forward to the Reclaim Australia rally without incident and it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that has a committee we have decided to postpone the 2015 Reclaim Australia even until further notice."  

"We must regroup and redouble our efforts to stop the growing tide of Islamification of Australia and the threat of Sharlia law amongst other concerns."    

It turned out that this release was also the work of the hacker.