Dress up a healthy breakfast of fruit, muesli and yogurt for mum tomorrow morning.
Dress up a healthy breakfast of fruit, muesli and yogurt for mum tomorrow morning. 123rf

RECIPE: Perfect parfait for mum

AS IF you could forget, it's Mother's Day tomorrow so here's an easy recipe so you can make your mum a special breakfast.

There are a few simple rules to follow in the kitchen to make sure you don't hurt yourself if you're a child.

First of all, it's always wise to ask permission, and be careful with knives and hot stoves.

Next most important thing whenever you are cooking is to wash your hands well, with plenty of soap.

If you touch your hair, nose or the family pet while you're cooking you should wash your hands again.

Read the recipe thoroughly and make sure you understand it.

Then gather all the ingredients to make it even easier.

Try to clean up as you go.

Run a sink full of hot soapy water before you start so you can dump dirty cooking utensils straight in.

Never put sharp knives in a sink full of water; you won't see them and you could cut yourself.

Muesli, fruit and yogurt parfait


INGREDIENTS PER PERSON: 1/2 cup fresh fruit of your choice (kiwifruit, blueberries and strawberries are great)

1/2 cup good-quality muesli

1/2 cup low-fat yogurt (you can use either plain or fruit-flavoured yogurt)

a few fresh mint leaves, for decoration

METHOD: Collect all the ingredients and put them on the kitchen bench.

Put a parfait glass or dessert bowl on a pretty napkin on a plate.

Depending on the fruit you have chosen, wash or peel it and carefully cut into pieces.

Ask for help from someone older if you aren't allowed to use a knife.

Pour the muesli into the bottom of the glass or bowl. Place fruit pieces over the top of the muesli, then carefully spoon the yogurt over the fruit.

Top the yogurt with mint leaves and decorate the glass or bowl with extra fruit.

Serve immediately with a kiss and a hug for mum.