RECALL: Glass risk in popular baby food sold across Australia

A WIDELY sold and popular baby food is being recalled nationally amid fears that glass may have ended up in the packets.   Rafferty's Garden's "Happy Tummies" range of vegetable risotto is being urgently recalled amid fears it "may cause injury if consumed".

The batches have best before dates listed as either 10 Aug 2018 or 12 Aug 2018.

The recall was issued by Food Standards Australia New Zealand.

No other Raffery's Garden products are affected, according to the company.

The baby food is sold across Australia in supermarkets, baby stores and pharmacies. 

"We have been advised that there was an issue at the Arborio rice manufacturers where glass has entered the production process and was not detected," the company wrote in a statement.

"Although we are confident of our rigorous quality screening mechanisms in place, we have initiated a recall of the affected batches as a precautionary measure."

It is not the first time Rafferty's Garden has had issues with its manufacturing process.

In 2008, the company had a minor issue with packets not being properly sealed during packaging.

At the time the company did a "voluntary withdrawal" to ensure any risks were eliminated.

Customers are being told to return the vegetable risotto products with that batch date for a refund or contact Rafferty's Garden on 1800 190 661 or email



After publishing the food recall notice on its own Facebook page, Rafferty's Garden was inundated by responses from parents.

Janaya Christine: Love how a lot of you are blaming raffertys when it would have been the rice companies fault, but no OH SO QUICK TO JUDGE HEY!  They are doing the right thing by letting everyone know!! Doesn't mean you can just bash them!

Ardin Timms: are you guys serious well off our buying list aren't ya's now and definitely no telling people this is a good company either. I thought in Australia there were stricter standards so this doesn't happen. there are no words that this company can do to explain now to change the view I have the quality of their products.

Hannah The-Strange So, what happens if your child has already consumed it before this warning as since my child has eaten this the other day she has been unwell.   Christine Romari I've been feeding my 10month old some of these during the week, bit font have the packets. This is awful as I don't know if we have had the affected pouches.
Got my fingers crossed now that we didn't have any affected pouches and my baby is safe.   Samanatha Brown Oh my lord... My boy has these all the time, might get him checked tomorrow has been very unsettled from yesterday.