Aldi will open at Nambour on Wednesday, December 18, 2013.
Aldi will open at Nambour on Wednesday, December 18, 2013. Contributed

Reasons why I refuse to shop at Aldi

I WANT to know, is shopping at Aldi worth the stress?

All my life it's been Coles or Woolworths and sometimes IGA when I'm feeling a little funky.

We all know IGAs stock the exciting brands we will never see at the bigger supermarkets and its why we love them.

But back to the point.

I've shopped at Aldi probably two times in my life and I probably won't be going back.

For a few reasons, the first being I used to think it was absurd you had to bring your own shopping bags. How ironic.

When I lived in Gladstone, up north, I'd drive past the store and think of the possibilities.

I was always immediately deterred by the hordes of people walking out the doors awkwardly carrying a DIY garden hose set on one shoulder, a drone on the other while trying to balance the rest of their groceries in whatever arm space they had left.

Which brings me to my next point.

When you walk into a shop that has bagged onions on one shelf and pool cleaners on the other, it can be a little overwhelming.

The whole point of Aldi is to save money, right?

But I have always wanted a treadmill and if I can pick one up while strolling down the bread aisle you can guess what's coming home with me.

Aldi is a trap.

You go in with the expectation of saving money and walk out with a fire extinguisher and a portable air-conditioner.

And at the end of the day when you sit down for that well-deserved cup of coffee, you end up disappointed because with all the excitement you've forgotten to buy what you left the house for in the first place...a bottle of milk.