Simply Too Good to be True, Cookbook author, Annette Sym.
Simply Too Good to be True, Cookbook author, Annette Sym. Kari Bourne

Realistic new year resolutions and banana cake

This is the perfect time to start fresh and new with your weightloss efforts.  

Let's look at what ways you can make 2015 the best year ever. Here are my tips:   

1. Take your life into your own hands and be responsible for your actions.  

Take a fresh new look at how you live your life. What areas do you think need improving? If you want to make changes to your health then you must change some of the habits that have caused you to be unhealthy in the first place. Be honest with yourself and let go of whatever is holding you back.   

2. It seems so easy to gain weight but when you try to lose the weight it can seem a huge task.  

No matter how difficult you think it is, being overweight is harder. I guarantee that it is worth the effort in the end if you want to be rid of those extra rolls and bulges. You deserve to have unlimited energy and good health so start now!    3. Set realistic goals for 2015 that are achievable.  

You may need to make better food choices, cut down on your portion sizes and give up some unhealthy habits that have been weighing you down. I guarantee what you will gain from being healthier is worth the effort.   

4. Habits may need to be look at and reassessed.  

What do you need to change to be able to move forward with your healthy goals for 2015? If you don't make any changes, nothing will change.   

5. Look at ways to keep motivated so you don't give up.

Look at the positive things that you will gain instead of focusing on the negative. Surround yourself with like minded people and take things day by day, bit by bit, kilo by kilo.   

6. Set your mind to whatever it is you want to achieve.  

If this is the year that you want to lose weight and get healthy then you must change your thinking and actions. If you do what a healthy person does, you can and you will become one.  

7. Remember no one is perfect so if you fall down pick yourself up and start again.

It's when you give up, that you fail. 

8. If you want to have a toned body then you must make time for exercise in your week.  

Being a healthy person is not only about what you eat but also how active you are, so make this a top priority. Aim for at least 4-5 times a week as this will help you reach your goal weight. If you are a busy person then write in your diary the days and times you will work out otherwise it may not happen.   

9. Stop talking about it and just do it!  

If you believe that you can achieve your goal then you can, but if you have little or no faith in your ability then you are doomed to fail. Forget all those failed diets from the past, today is what counts. Look to your future with good intentions, I know you can do it.   

10. Make 2015 your year to be the best you can be.  

All you have to do is get started and don't stop until you reach where you want to go. Make this your year to shine.    

Only 105 calories per serve & less than 1g of fat ! Contributed



2 egg whites ⅓ cup sugar ¾ teaspoon bicarb soda ½ cup apple sauce (in jar) ½ teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup mashed ripe banana (2-3 bananas) 1½ cups self-raising flour cooking spray  

ICING (OPTIONAL) ¾ cup icing sugar 1-2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 tablespoon (5g) Flora Light® margarine  

Preheat oven 180ºC fan forced. Beat egg whites and sugar together in medium size mixing bowl for 1 minute. Mix bicarb soda into apple sauce (it will froth) add cinnamon and apple mixture to bowl. Stir in mashed banana. Gently fold flour into mixture in one go. DO NOT BEAT as this will make the cake tough. Pour into a round cake tin or loaf tin that has been coated with cooking spray. Bake 30-35 minutes or until cake springs back when lightly pressed in centre.  

ICING: Mix icing sugar and margarine in a small mixing bowl, slowly add enough juice to make a spreadable consistency. Spread over cake. Sprinkle lemon rind or a little cinnamon over icing for decoration (optional).   .

Nutritional Information


FAT TOTAL  0.3g  0.5g

SATURATED  0.1g  0.1g

FIBRE  1.0g  1.0g

PROTEIN  2.7g  2.7g

CARBS 23.1g 31.6g

SUGAR  9.9g 18.4g

SODIUM      178mg   181mg

KILOJOULES    440 (cals 105)   587 (cals 140)

GI RATING     Medium    Medium     

Dietitian's Tip: Un-iced banana cake is a suitable favourite for many people with diabetes. You may like to include this in your eating plan occasionally.    

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