Limestone 88 building supervisor Jenny Bambrick.
Limestone 88 building supervisor Jenny Bambrick. Rob Williams

Real ghostbusters called to hunt spirits at popular building

A PARANORMAL expert has been called to investigate footsteps, flickering lights and unexplained noises at Ipswich's heritage-listed Limestone 88 precinct.

Staff who today occupy the cluster of brick buildings built more than 100 years ago have reported TVs mysteriously turning on, footsteps on the staircases and reception bells ringing without customers.

Eighty-eight Limestone was built in 1901 as a technical college for the growing Ipswich region.

Today the site is occupied by Pumpyard Bar and Brewery, McNamaras and Dovetails.

Members of Pariah Paranormal, an insatiable group investigating the state's supernatural activities, will scour the precinct tomorrow.

Self-confessed Ghostbuster Dwayne Simpson will take an arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment in a military-like operation to detect ghosts.

Mr Simpson walked through the precinct last week and spoke with tenants about the mystery noises and activity.

"They said they've got a resident spirit," he said.

"I want to explain why things occur. If I can't explain it, I think, is it supernatural?"

What, if any, spirit is haunting the building is a mystery.

The purpose built-college was a memorial to the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, who died two weeks before her scheduled visit in 1901.

During recent renovations at the building, a death tag, often tied to the toe of a lifeless body, was found.


Limestone 88 building supervisor Jenny Bambrick with a toe tag found in the building during renovation.
SPOOKY: 88 Limestone building supervisor Jenny Bambrick with a body toe-tag found in the building during renovation. Rob Williams

Pariah Paranormal hopes to flush out the resident ghost from the brick walls and timber floors of the building.

Specially-built, spirit-spotting equipment, including a sensory laser grid, radio frequency receiver and spirit box will be used in the hunt.

The group's salient weapon is an SLS camera, a special device to map the outline of spirits after they are called.

He admits an insight into the supernatural world offers different challenges.

"In the back of my head, I think should I run?"

Mr Simpson can understand why some people are non-believers.

He was once one himself, until an unexplained dark mass "blacker than black" charged at him up a hallway.

"I've seen a third child's arm in a room where there's only been two children," he said.

He said Ipswich was a "hotspot" for supernatural activity.

"There are a lot of places people believe the buildings are haunted," he said.

Most 88 Limestone tenants have stories to tell about its haunted halls.

All were ecstatic to hear a team of ghostbusters would be sent to investigate what were once thought to be kooky claims.

88 Limestone building supervisor Jenny Bambrick said people were looking forward to knowing more about the special spirits they shared the heritage-listed precinct with.

Four investigators from the Pariah Paranormal group will visit the precinct tomorrow night.

"Hopefully they can explain something," Ms Bambrick said.

"I hope they can make sure the ghosts are friendly."

The decision to engage the paranormal spirit spotters came after whispers about ghosts' existence around the building.

"We'd heard a few comments and when we mentioned the Pariah Paranormal group had been in contact they've all come out with their own stories," Ms Bambrick said.