Readers reflect on the destruction of the floods

THE weekend marked five years since deadly floods swept through Grantham and Toowoomba before hitting Ipswich and Brisbane and QT readers have not forgotten the impact floodwaters made.

Many readers reflected on the QT Facebook page how the floods disrupted life and threatened homes and businesses.

"I was in Grantham having lunch with my two young sons and sister at my mum and dad's home," Andrea Foyle said

"Didn't quite turn out to be the lunch we thought. I remember my youngest son crying later on while sitting on the roof because our hot chips were flooded away. Not something we want to experience again."

People also remembered the extraordinary offers of help that came after the water receded.

"Complete heartache for all those people affected" Latisha Milfull said.

"Just terrible. It was awesome to see how everyone pulled to help out in a time of need."

Patricia Carpenter didn't let a lack of electricity stop the supply of food.

"In Bundamba, watching, with the neighbours in our street, to see if the floodwater was coming up to our houses. We were lucky, we didn't get flooded, but we lost power for four days. We ran two barbecues and had all the neighbours in our area in for breakfast and tea," she said.

Reader Alex Blaine was another Ipswich resident on holidays at the time of the flood.

"I was at Bribie Island at the time this happened and we tried to leave early but the road on the mainland was flooded so we couldn't head back before the waters would hit Ipswich. My mother was on a holiday as well but in Sydney," he said.

"We got back eventually but it was still flooded. My family were affected and lost everything, almost, at least my dog was rescued before the waters hit. It was scary watching everything unfold on the television screen."

Other readers told of how the flood defied predictions.

"I was at work the day before and my place was visited by SES while my sister and mother were trying to gather some of my belongings," Bex Taylor said.

"They advised my family members that the water would come up to my doorstep and to put everything up high where it would be safe. I went and stayed with my sister and brother-in-law that night and two days later when it was safe enough to return we found that 6ft (1.8m) of water had gone through my place.

"It was horrible, but we were all safe and that was all that mattered. My sister's business was also completely flooded. But we were more devastated that people had lost their lives."