STUDIO QUALITY: Razer Seiren mic
STUDIO QUALITY: Razer Seiren mic Contributed

Razer Seiren’s a perfect first foray with a serious mic

RAZER is making sure they have an answer to every need in the gaming ecosystem, and the Razer Seiren studio mic is a perfect example.

Razer's Seiren is the first dedicated studio quality mic for game streamers to come from the game peripheral side of the market and it's aimed at those streamers.

The Seiren is a USB digital microphone with four recording modes and lagless monitoring.

Basically this means you can plug it in, download and install Razer's Synapse 2.0 software and, boom, you're good to go.

I've used a lot of high-quality audio gear to play audio before but I'd never been anywhere near studio-grade recording equipment.

So it was a shock to me when I turned the Seiren on with the gain turned so high that it was able to record my housemate unscrewing his coke bottle in the next room.

Fortunately playing with the audio levels on the Seiren is easy. Once the levels are set, it's a simple and robust mic.

The Seiren is an exceptionally solid unit and weighs enough that you won't feel nervous about it knocking over on your desk easily.

The Seiren isn't available in Australia at time of writing but when it is there will be an optional pop filter and shock mount you can buy with it.

At A$279 the Seiren is more expensive than its most obvious competitor, the Audio Technica AT2020-USB+ (A$249). It is, on its own, a solid piece of equipment ready for a streamer's first go at serious equipment.