Condamine MP Ray Hopper.
Condamine MP Ray Hopper. Greg Miller

Hopper to 'work out' senate possibilities in upcoming weeks

CONDAMINE MP Ray Hopper has not ruled out running for the senate in the upcoming federal election.

Mr Hopper, who defected from the LNP late last year to join Katter's Australian Party, said the prospect was currently being discussed and the result would be known a few weeks.

Mr Hopper immediately rose through the ranks of the KAP to become state leader shortly after he joined.

At a press conference in Brisbane today he said he had been approached to run for the senate.

"A number of people have asked me to stand for the senate for the Katter party in Queensland," he said.

"We are going to work that out in probably the next four to six weeks who will stand for the senate."

Mr Hopper maintained he was still committed to Queensland politics.

"Say if I did move to the senate, the first thing I would do is have an inquiry into why the Toowoomba Range has not been built," he said.

"And why Ian Macfarlane was the fourth ranking minister under the Howard Government and sacrificed it for a ring road in Victoria.

"Why the Warrego Highway is such a mess - the people of Condamine would certainly benefit in a better way than they are now."

Bob Katter said there would be many who would view Mr Hopper's loss in the state politics as "monumental".

Mr Katter announced his party would rally up candidates to contest every lower house seat in the Federal Election, 150 in total.