Rates to rise as Chemello reveals city's financial plan

RATES will rise in Ipswich when administrator Greg Chemello hands down his first Ipswich City Council budget today.

The rise imposed on residents is expected to be less than 1.5 per cent.

Mr Chemello said this year's financial plan would allow future councillors to continue the financial management of the city.

The administrator hopes the plan will keep this and future average general rate increases for residential properties to about CPI.

This year's budget is the first and expected to be the only one handed down by Mr Chemello, who will oversee the council until the elections in March next year.

"It is a progressive budget, yet responsible. It retains a reasonable surplus, yet addresses compelling needs such as the completion of the Nicholas St development," Mr Chemello said.

"It allocates money to projects which will enable council to get the job done and to ensure the city is meeting demands imposed upon us all by rapid growth."

Last year's council budget featured a 2.5 per cent rates rise and was delivered amid the State Government's drawn-out dismissal of councillors.

The 2019-2020 budget is expected to be in excess of $450 million. This financial year's budget of $515 million is the second biggest in the city's history.

Mr Chemello said roads would be a focus to keep pace with the city's growth.

He said funds would be allocated to previously announced major road projects including Old Toowoomba Rd, Brisbane St and the Grange Rd and Robertson Rd intersection.

Ipswich City Council will hold its ordinary meeting in the Roderick St council chambers from 9am today.

The budget is expected to be handed down following the ordinary meeting.