Forecasters were shocked to see fog so close to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast this morning.
Forecasters were shocked to see fog so close to the ocean on the Sunshine Coast this morning.

Rare weird weather event that shocked forecasters

A THICK carpet of fog cut visibility on the Maroochy River at the coast to less than 30 metres this morning in a weather event weather forecasters have described as very unusual.

Westerly winds blowing right to the coastline lowered surface temperatures to allow the fog - essentially ground cloud - to develop.

It increased in thickness about 5.15am to the point that by 6am it was impossible to see for more than 30 metres.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Blazak who is based in Brisbane said when he first saw the automatic weather station observations for Sunshine Coast Airport he had been surprised.

It was the first time in a decade he's seen the phenomenon so close to the coastline and one this writer has not seen in four.

The fog increased in thickness from 5.15am ultimately making it impossible to see the river bank on the north shore from more than a few metres away. The Nojoor Road boat ramp was so shielded by the billowing clouds of fog that it couldn't be seen from mid channel.

The increasing temperature as the morning progress cleared the weather event giving way to a beautiful day with sunny skies and light winds early increasing to 15-20kmh from the east in the early afternoon before dropping out.

Friday would see a repeat of today's 28 degree maximum with winds again light early before swinging east at 15-20kmh before becoming light in the later afternoon.

The stunning beach conditions would persist into the weekend with Saturday reaching a temperature peak of 29 degrees on a mostly sunny day with light winds throughout and just the slight chance of a shower.

Sunday would be slightly cooler at 27 degrees with the chance of a thunder storm in the late afternoon or evening on a day which would also feature light winds.

Ms Blazak said the weekend ahead was looking superb for the beach or anyone wanting to get out on the water.

He said there may be an odd shower around but that would be the exception and with storm activity more likely to concentrate on the Gold Coast than this region.