American rapper Mo3 is reportedly dead after a drive-by shooting on a Dallas freeway.

News of the rapper's death comes as disturbing footage circulated on social media showing a man lying on a freeway receiving CPR from emergency services.

TMZ reports Mo3 was shot just before noon on Wednesday on a Dallas freeway and was transported to a hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Rapper Mo3 via his Instagram.
Rapper Mo3 via his Instagram.

And in an eery twist, fans have today pointed out that Mo3 appeared to predict the circumstances of his death in the 2017 music video to his song True Story.

The video opens with Mo3's lifeless body on a slab, as a mortuary worker answers a call.

"I've got one more body to look at and then I'll be on my way home. I think it's some rapper... he got shot, heading home in his home city," she says.


A graphic scene from Mo3's 'True Story' music video.Source:YouTube
A graphic scene from Mo3's 'True Story' music video.Source:YouTube

TMZ outlet reports that both Mo3, a successful rapper with almost three-quarters of a million Instagram followers, and the alleged shooter were driving separately in the same direction on the freeway. The alleged gunman got out of his car and approached Mo3's, leading to an on-foot chase that saw the rapper and one other bystander receive bullet wounds.

The second gunshot victim is reportedly in hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Sun reports Mo3 was shot in the head in December last year but managed to survive the attack, even sharing a video of himself with blood gushing from his head just moments after being shot.

Mo3, real name Melvin Noble, was 28 and had released three albums.