Ipswich Rangers captain Jarred Lacey.
Ipswich Rangers captain Jarred Lacey. Bruce Clayton

Rangers confident for finals in massive year for club

RUGBY: Rangers captain Jarred Lacey offers a team-minded reason why the Ipswich club has two sides in this weekend's Brisbane suburban competition finals.

"It's just having fun. Everyone is enjoying their rugby and having a crack every game,'' Lacey said.

Being Rangers' 50th anniversary year is also contributing to the club's Pegg Cup and Wyatt Cup teams' consistent performances this season.

The third-placed Rangers Wyatt Cup team open the big weekend with a knockout semi-final clash against Brothers at Woodend Park tonight.

The minor semi-final will be one of four games at the Woodend venue, making for an entertaining night of Friday night grassroots rugby in Ipswich.

Rangers top side players will then try to build on their minor premiership success when they tackle Goodna at Caboolture on Saturday afternoon.

After starting the season in the Scotney Cup involving the Sunshine Coast competition, the Rangers players were promoted to the Pegg Cup.

They didn't look back winning all six games on their way to finishing top of the table.

"It's nine in a row at the moment. We're going pretty well,'' Lacey said.

"We've won a couple on the buzzer in those nine games, which means we're in a pretty good spot.''

That includes terrific 17-13 and 23-21 duels against tomorrow's opponents - second-placed Goodna.

"They've been pretty tough in both games,'' Lacey said.

A grand final spot is on the line in the latest showdown.

Wynnum and Caboolture play in the other Pegg Cup semi-final tomorrow.

The Rangers Pegg Cup captain said the club's Wyatt Cup team also deserved their shot at finals glory.

"It's a good feeling having two successful teams at the club,'' Lacey said. "They (the Wyatt Cup players) have troubled both the top two teams in that comp this year.''

Rangers players, officials and supporters have been enjoying a series of 50th anniversary celebrations marking their rugby milestone.

Rangers officials have invited all members and club supporters to join tonight's finals action at Woodend Park and support the Pegg Cup players tomorrow.

The Wyatt Cup minor semi-final kicks off at 6.45pm.

Wyatt Cup Friday (6.45pm) - Minor semi-final: Ipswich Rangers v Brothers at Woodend Park.

Rangers: 1. Ryan Castles, 2. Zan Branford, 3. Brady Castles, 4. Chad De Waard, 5. Andrew Byrne, 6. Joel Dennis, 7. Jake Seage, 8. James North, 9. Isaac Creedy, 10. Callum Waldrum, 11. Sam Tierny-Williams, 12. Stewart Banks (captain), 13. Ben Hunter, 14. Jarryd Verrenkamp, 15. Jakob Tierny-Williams, 16. Shane Milham, 17. Bryce Litzow, 18. Shane Larkman, 19. Andrew Wookey, 20. Lewis Boland, 21. James Ellison, 22. Stephen Andrews, 23. Matthew Maclean.

Pegg Cup Saturday (1.20pm): Major semi-final - Ipswich Rangers v Goodna at Caboolture.

Rangers: 1. Terrence Mcleod, 2. Daniel Melila, 3. Adam Nixon, 4. Josh Horne, 5. Ed Setefano, 6. James Anderson, 7. Kieran Lake, 8. Matthew Hobbs (vice-captain), 9. Thomas Macdonald, 10. Steven Fechner, 11. Nic Hall, 12. Jarred Lacey (captain), 13. Joseph Leulu-Brown, 14. Mark Gordon, 15. Harland Donnolly, 16. Brennan Eason, 17. John Osbourne, 18. Larry Leaufagatele, 19. Danny Mamea, 20. Benjamin Heinz, 21. Jackson Hart, 22. Kruze Barcello, 23. William Church.