What should the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing be called?
What should the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing be called? Above Photography PTY LTD

RANGE CROSSING: What should be name of new road?

THE new road. Should it have a person's name, dead or alive, be the Toowoomba bypass or the second range crossing. A good question.

There will be many opinions.

We have this new road which does cross the range, Murphy's Creek Rd, which comes to the top of the range then into town, the old Toll Bar up the range and into town, and of course, the current road up the range, which from the top, one can cross town via various routes.

But the new road is the only one to truly cross the range completely.

Brett Forte Way, Multuggerah Crossing, Clive Berghofer Bypass and we are sure many more ideas will be forthcoming.

As to personal names, there are many deserving, but in a few decades those persons will largely be forgotten. Ask today's school children, who was Darren Lockyer and for sure already some will need to Google it.

To a few Queensland towns that have or have proposed bypasses. e.g. Beaudesert, Oakey, Pittsworth, Canungra, Tugun, Westbrook, Stanthorpe, Bauple, Gympie, and for sure a dozen more.

The logical, practical name would be the same as most other bypasses, namely The Toowoomba Bypass, or another logical one, The Toowoomba Range Crossing as it is the first true crossing.

We await the proposed names with bated breath.

RAY HARCH, Toowoomba