Ralphie shares Force victory song, from his US base

THE Ipswich Force men's basketball team is building a strong unit this season, buoyed by an opening state league upset over the Gold Coast.

However, the latest Force players haven't forgotten one of their most loyal servants Jason Ralph.

While completing his college commitments in the US before joining the state league side, Ipswich-product Ralph got to enjoy last Saturday night's win.

"We actually Face-timed him after the game so we could sing the team song and he could be part of it,'' coach Mick Conlon said.

Ralph, 20, has been with Valley City State University since last August. The former Ipswich Grammar School student is due home in a couple of weeks to take his vital place in the Force side.

Voice of reason

WHEN a team is down on the scoreboard and time is running out, that's when the most colourful calls can come from the sidelines.

Sometimes those calls can be rousing. Sometimes they be lambasting.

When defending IRL premiers Norths found themselves at the receiving end of a Swifts belting last weekend, there were plenty of both.

Swifts players, Norths players, touch judges and referees all experienced the tongue lashing of the Tigers backbench desperate to inspire a fightback.

"What are you doing, this isn't netball," one such fan exclaimed.

Next time Norths are looking for inspiration they should look to the wife of captain Josh Roberts.

At 34 points down on the board, she was seconds away from strapping on the boots to the job done herself.

Good to see Josh isn't the only one with Tigers' blood.

Diggers 'hero'

THIS weekend the Ipswich Diggers take on Brisbane and the Gold Coast in the Chairman's Challenge.

Ipswich Jets' Chris Ash might have been named captain, but Fassifern winger Harold Mosby is the man tipped to inspire the Diggers.

Mosby has been nicknamed the "Diggers hero" by his teammates and coaching staff, much to the dismay of the shy Bomber.

Combined with Fassifern teammate Raymond Biara on the wing, Mosby could turn the joke into a reality.

Your turn

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