RESIDENTS in the west are rejoicing in the rain, while a large storm is making its way across the district.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Bureau of Meteorology issued a statewide thunderstorm warning, predicting that many parts of Queensland could record their highest rainfall totals in months.

Those severe thunderstorms are expected to produce damaging winds and heavy rainfall affecting Thargomindah, Charleville, Cunnamulla, Quilpie, Tambo and Carnarvon National Park.

Of the multiple systems creating rain across the state right now, the one affecting the southwest is a surface trough currently sitting just east of Birdsville, meteorologist Shane Kennedey explained.

"We have had some significant thunderstorm activity throughout today, and that surface trough is drawing in some deep tropical moisture, making the atmosphere quite unstable," he said.

"With the afternoon heat, that has been firing off some significant thunderstorm activity through most of the interior of Queensland - pretty much from Richmond, south to the border has been very active today.

"There are a number of storm warnings active, one is around Longreach including giant hail, and another is largely centred on Charleville.

"That will be most likely heavy rainfall and damaging winds, but also some risk of hail."

The storm is travelling in a northeasterly direction and is expected to continue on that path through the evening, clumping together with a number of other systems around the state.

Locally, this rain is the first for Charleville in 2020, with the official record showing 2mm as of 5.30pm.

For Cunnamulla, which has only recorded 0.4mm so far this year, a significant storm is more than welcome.

RAIN: Cunnamulla's first falls of 2020: Video courtesy of Karen Ticehurst
RAIN: Cunnamulla's first falls of 2020: Video courtesy of Karen Ticehurst

Fortunately there is more on the way overnight and in to Thursday, with current mapping showing that trough near Birdsville will move eastward towards the Maranoa and Warrego forecast district.

"Thursday should be another very active day, when the trough that has been triggering this weather is expected to start drifting to the east" Mr Kennedey said.

"There is a medium chance of showers and storms across a broad area - most of inland Queensland and further east.

"Then from Friday the system will start to contract and there will be a 50 per cent chance of rain in Charleville, and over both days we could expected between 2 and 10mm."

Video courtesy of Karen Ticehurst