LETTER: Railways are key to beating traffic blues

A FORMER CEO of Queensland Rail was doing a retirement interview on ABC Radio and was asked what advice he would give his replacement.

He said it would be to listen to and take heed of Robert Dow of Rail Back on Track, "because he knows his stuff".

It seems the incoming CEO, and everyone since, failed to heed the advice, as Dow has kept hammering on.

I am no expert, but Dow airs opinions that seem reasonable and sensible; as he did again QT May 12.

When the Ipswich motorway is widened from Darra to Rocklea that should be the end of the matter. From then on, the concentration should be on rail expansion; including the building of secure, covered vehicle parking at selected rail stations such as, on the Ipswich line, at Booval, Dinmore, Redbank or Goodna, Darra etc.

Surely commuters and other rail passengers would be prepared to pay a reasonable fee to ensure their vehicles are secure and under cover. Every effort must be made to encourage people to use rail travel between suburbia and Brisbane CBD. More frequent services, secure/covered parking seems a no-brainer; along with appropriate feeder bus services. To expand the thought, a freight line from Melbourne to Cairns by whatever is the best route, thus reducing the number of large trucks and the associated costs from our highways and byways, appears just as obvious.