Popular radio personality Robin Bailey has put her Ipswich property on the market.
Popular radio personality Robin Bailey has put her Ipswich property on the market.

Radio star puts Ipswich property on the market

RADIO star Robin Bailey has put her Ipswich property on the market, despite plans to retire in an area she dubbed an "undiscovered jewel".

The three bedroom Barellan Point property on 0.54ha which overlooks the Brisbane River is up for sale.

It comes after a difficult year for the popular radio personality.

Her second husband lost his battle with liver cancer in September, five years after her first husband Tony passed away.

Ms Bailey bought the property six years ago.

"I was going through a marriage break down and my kids go to school in Ipswich so I thought that's where I wanted to move," she said.

"I wanted to move because Barellan Point is this gorgeous little hamlet. I just thought I'd like to be closer to my kids.

"My life didn't work out like that. My boys' dad died in 2014 and so everything changed and I rented out the property.

"I always had ideas it would be my forever home."

Ms Bailey said she envisaged doing up the house when she retired but she could no longer keep paying two mortgages.

She thinks it would be perfect for a young family to move into.

"Those dreams I had were lovely but my life has changed dramatically and I don't want to do that as a single person now," she said.

"I've got one (child) leaving school this week and then I've only got one left. Life changes.

"I think it's for someone who maybe has some young children who want the quiet life and a little bit of land and who want to be on the river.

"The Ipswich area is going to be pumping over the next 20 years.

"There are such beautiful pockets (in Ipswich) and for years and years it's not had the greatest reputation but I think it's an undiscovered jewel."

Ray White sales consultant Neil Mundy said the property had been on the market for five weeks.

Despite being on the river, it was unaffected by floods in 1974, 2011 and 2013.

"We've had a good amount of interest," he said.

An open inspection will be held at 70 Leichhardt Crescent today between 8.45-9.15am.