The industrial court discussed statements colleagues made over the two way radio. (FILE PHOTO)
The industrial court discussed statements colleagues made over the two way radio. (FILE PHOTO) NewsRegional

Radio abuse mine bullying claim

A MINE worker said he was injured because colleagues bullied him for years and he developed adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression.

Truck operator and pit controller David Nutley said he also suffered "direct threats of violence” when working for Middlemount Coal northeast of Emerald.

A newly published Industrial Court Of Queensland judgment said Mr Nutley claimed the harassment included "statements made over the two-way radio” as well as violent threats.

But the Workers' Compensation Regulator said Mr Nutley exaggerated the frequency and extent of bullying and alleged lack of managerial response to his complaints.

The regulator said Mr Nutley had post-traumatic stress disorder which affected his "perception about the actual events” at work.

Queensland Industrial Relations Commission dismissed Mr Nutley's case for compensation but he appealed.

"He said that the taunts, verbal abuse and ridicule occurred over a period of two years and nine months,” Justice Glenn Martin wrote in this week's judgment.

The mine worker said he was not trained properly and that caused tension between him and more experienced staff.

He said he was verbally abused "at least multiple times each fortnight” and one colleague harassed him "nearly every day” or "every second day”.

Justice Martin said there was evidence Middlemount management responded to concerns with multiple steps, including meeting Mr Nutley and his trade union representatives.

Justice Martin also said QIRC previously accepted one mine worker behaved inappropriately towards Mr Nutley - but that misbehaviour was not as frequent as alleged.

The appeal was dismissed. -NewsRegional