REMORSEFUL: Lisa Mary Dodds leaves the Ipswich Courthouse.
REMORSEFUL: Lisa Mary Dodds leaves the Ipswich Courthouse.

Booze blamed for racist remarks to bystanders and cop

A MOTHER of four racially taunted and kicked a police officer, after she was caught yelling abuse at a bunch of African men.

The woman, Lisa Mary Dodds, gained the attention of police after she was seen chasing three African males outside the Redbank Railway Station.

As she gave chase, the 24-year-old was heard screaming racist obscenities and trying to assault the fleeing men.


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When police intervened and restrained Dodds, the stay-at-home mum swore at the officers and warned them not to touch her.

She was placed in the back of a police van and transported to the Redbank Rail Squad office and charged for creating a public nuisance. After she was released from the office, Dodds immediately resumed making racially offensive remarks at ethnic bystanders.

Her target this time was another African man who had been waiting for a train at the railway station platform.

When Dodds started shouting at the man and then shoved him in the stomach, the commotion prompted police to intervene again.

When she was arrested, the Lockyer Valley homemaker directed her aggression at police.

At one stage during the incident, she told an officer "don't touch me you black, Indian bastard" and then kicked him in the leg.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court yesterday, she pleaded guilty to creating a public nuisance and assaulting a police officer.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Brad Dick said the incident took place about 7.30pm on January 28.

Defence lawyer Vince Knox said Dodds had been intoxicated at the time and the offence and was remorseful for her behaviour.

"Her intoxication is no excuse but offers an explanation as to why she acted this way," Mr Knox said.

"She certainly would not have behaved like that if she was in her right mind." Dodds was convicted and fined $660.