Tracey Catherine Miller leaves court after pleading guilty to assaulting a former neighbour.
Tracey Catherine Miller leaves court after pleading guilty to assaulting a former neighbour.

‘Racial taunts’ behind mum’s violent reaction

A MUM who claimed to have suffered years of verbal abuse and racist taunts from neighbours said she snapped before assaulting one of her alleged tormentors.

“I’m over your f***ing mouth,” Tracey Miller was said to have yelled as she gave chase across an Ipswich street, delivering a series of punches to the back of a fleeing woman’s head.

Her violent outburst landed Miller before Ipswich Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Tracey Catherine Miller, 40, from Bellbird Park, pleaded guilty to one count of common assault on February 7.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Bridie O’Shea said Miller was reported as saying she was “over you threatening us, over your f***ing mouth” as she ran after the complainant.

The woman told police she felt two punches to the back of her head and one to her right ear, and was also struck on the nose.

She reported feeling pain and blurred vision.

The incident was captured on Safe City cameras and police later interviewed Miller at Springfield police station.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Miller told police there had been a four-year dispute between her and the complainant, who she alleged had taunted her with racial slurs.

Mr Hoskin said a police document showed the complainant had been belligerent with officers and did not initially want to make a formal assault complaint.

He said the incident was out of character for Miller, who was a mother of four children.

“It is unlikely to occur again,” Mr Hoskin said.

“She says they are not there anymore. The Housing Commission has evicted them.”

Magistrate David Shepherd told Miller despite her claims regarding racist remarks, “the use of violence changes nothing”.

“Violence is never the answer,” he said.

Mr Shepherd noted the features of the assault and the context, that it was not a random act.

He ordered Miller to complete 80 hours of unpaid community service work.