Did RAAF's bird scaring missile rock homes in Ipswich?

THE mystery surrounding the explosions that shook Ipswich homes on Wednesday appears to have been solved with the RAAF at Amberley the likely location of the sound.

The RAAF were testing a bird scaring missile, designed to frighten birds away from airfields, at Amberley around the same time social media was abuzz with talk of an explosion.

A post on The QT Facebook page attracted more than 100 comments, with reports of the explosion heard from Swanbank to Brassall and Yamanto to Greenbank.

RAAF spokesman Paul Lineham said they couldn't guarantee the rocket caused the noise, but testing occurred in the same time frame.

He said the rocket acted like a firework, launching into the sky and exploding with a loud bang.

He said the practice was used at airfields across the world to deter bird strike.

The explanation clears up speculation on what caused the tremendous noise.

The sound was loud enough to interrupt the phone call of friends Judy McCloughlan and Renee Shahjahan.

The pair were speaking on the phone when the loud noises rocked their homes and left them stunned.

Ms McCloughlan said the first bang shook her Leichhardt home and Ms Shahjahan's Wulkuraka residence.

Both were surprised at the loud nature of the noises.

Ms McCloughlan heard five booms during the morning.

"I was on the phone to my friend at the time. The first one was before 10am," she said. "It was like a loud boom. Then after that four or five minutes later the next one went off.

"It actually shook the house. I was on the phone at the time.

"She was in Wulkuraka on the train side and it shook her house as well.

"We ran out the front door and so did my friend.

"We were both like, 'what was that?'"