Chilly at your place this morning?
Chilly at your place this morning?

Qld shivers through first winter morning

QUEENSLANDERS shivered through a chilly morning marking the first day of winter.

BOM meteorologist Adam Blazak said we have seen very cool conditions this week in the lead up to the weekend because of a cool dry mass that pushed across the state.

"We had another burst of dry air move in on Thursday which again pushed those Friday temperatures right down.

The mercury dropped to 3.2C in Archerfield and -4.4C in Applethorp, the lowest temperatures recorded in both areas since 2014.

Minimum temperatures of 7.6C in Brisbane, 5.1C at Sunshine Coast Airport and 5.6C in Coolangatta were recorded this morning.

"At the moment we have a bit of cloud cover hanging around until Monday. From Monday onwards we expect to see those minimum temperatures fall again after this shower activity moves away," Mr Blazak said.