School Education Minister Peter Garrett
School Education Minister Peter Garrett

Qld unlikely to sign on to Gonski school reform deal

WITH just nine days to go until the Gonski school reform deal must be signed, School Education Minister Peter Garrett has called on states to come to the party.

But after communications between Mr Garrett and Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek soured, it is unlikely the state will sign on.

Mr Garrett still had no commitment from Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia or the Northern Territory on Thursday.

He told Sky News on Thursday "at the end of the day premiers have got to make up their mind whether they're prepared to put the interests of their schools and students first."

"So, with 10 days to go it's all about state premiers in Queensland, in Victoria, in Western Australia in particular starting to focus on the needs of their students, on the offer that's on the table and responding constructively," he said.

However, his call for the states' commitment comes after more than a week of tit-for-tat attacks between Mr Garrett and Mr Langbroek, with no face-to-face to negotiations.

It also came after Mr Langbroek refused to allow Mr Garrett to enter Queensland schools for a press conference on the ground he was using the schools as a backdrop for the Gonski campaign.

With a little more than a week left to seal the deal before the existing national partnership agreements on education expires, additional Commonwealth funding for schools still hangs in the balance.