Gay marriage. 17 November 2014 Photo Gemima Harvey/ Coffs Coast Advocate
Gay marriage. 17 November 2014 Photo Gemima Harvey/ Coffs Coast Advocate Gemima Harvey/Coffs Coast Advoca

Queensland re-legalises same sex civil partnerships

SAME sex civil partnerships will be legal in Queensland as of Saturday and Federal politicians are being called on to follow Queensland's lead.

Queensland's parliament voted to legalise civil partnerships in December after the LNP opposition allowed its MPs a free vote on the issue.

The majority of opposition politicians crossed the floor to stand with the government on the vote.

The legislation will come into effect on Saturday.

Opposition leader Lawrence Springborg was one of 20 LNP MPs who voted against the bill arguing the civil partnerships were being treated as a stand-in for marriage equality that should be left to the Federal Government.

But Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome said Federal coalition MPs should be allowed to follow Queensland's lead and by given a free vote on marriage equality.

"The fact same-sex couples can enter civil unions in Queensland highlights how ridiculous it is that same-sex couples can't marry across the country," he said.

"Civil unions provide a degree of affirmation and legal certainty for same-sex couples but only being allowed to marry will provide full equality."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has committed to holding a plebiscite on marriage equality if he is re-elected. - ARM NEWSDESK