Queensland Police have confirmed an officer has been involved in a shooting this afternoon.
Queensland Police have confirmed an officer has been involved in a shooting this afternoon.

Knife-wielding man shot by police

UPDATE: A man who died after he was shot by a police officer north of Brisbane this aftermoon was armed with knives and was making threats, police say.

Inspector Craig White said police were called to a caravan park at Deception Bay about 2.30 this afternoon.

"Police attended the scene and upon being confronted by this person discharged a number of shots, fatally wounding that person," he said.

Two officers, a senior constable and a constable, attended the scene, he said.

Insp White said police had shot at the man at least once during the incident but couldn't confirm how many times or if both officers fired their weapons.

A male police officer was injured during the incident and had minor lacerations, Insp White said.

He said the family of the deceased man had not yet been contacted.

The Ethical Standards Command is investigating.

Residents of the park have told The Courier-Mail that the dead man was in his early 60s.

Tia Keasey said the incident is upsetting but not surprising, with police often called to the site for domestic disputes.

Ms Keasey said that the man seemed quite friendly and did not appear to be a violent person.

"He was one of the locals in the park," she said.

"He would often come up and say hello."

The incident occurred in the south eastern part of the park.


EARLIER: A MAN believed to have been armed with a knife has been shot and killed by police north of Brisbane this afternoon.

The incident occurred at a caravan park at Deception Bay.

The Queensland Police Service has confirmed that an officer was involved, but have provided no further information.

The Courier-Mail has been told the man shot by police was armed with a knife.

The Queensland Ambulance Service have attended.