Trad: Time to move on from Adani

JACKIE Trad says it is time to "move on" from Adani.

The Treasurer was grilled again today on the project including on how she would feel if the Galilee Basin project passes its final approval amid the next approval deadline next week.

She refused to be drawn.

"I'm just not going to get into that silly debate. The CSIRO might come back with more questions, there might be more concerns, there might not be. Let's just wait until it happens," she said.

But Ms Trad said she believed it was time for the debate to move on.

"The fixation with this one mine, that accounts for - let me just make this clear, I had some math done - the jobs promised in this one mine, if looked at from a perspective from all the jobs that the Palaszczuk government has facilitated and created since it came to office is 0.005%.

Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad. Picture: AAP Image/Darren England
Queensland Deputy Premier Jackie Trad. Picture: AAP Image/Darren England

"That is where the conversation is at in terms of regional jobs and in terms of environmental policy.

"I actually think it is time to move on."

MS Trad said the mine was discussed at a dinner she attended with former US Vice President Al Gore this week.

She said she disagreed with the assertion the state could have the mine or the Great Barrier Reef but not both.

"This one mine or the Great Barrier Reef, I disagree with, I fundamentally disagree with.

"Our choice, our choice, as a people, is what we are doing as a nation. We've got to reduce carbon emissions, to keep the cost of electricity down for consumers, and to make sure that we are doing our bit, as a well educated, highly developed, wealthy nation to reduce global emissions."