The Ipswich Motorway upgrade gets $70 million in the Queensland Budget.
The Ipswich Motorway upgrade gets $70 million in the Queensland Budget. David Nielsen

Queensland Budget 2019: What's in it for Ipswich?

HEALTH, infrastructure and education are the key priorities in the Queensland Government's state budget for our region.

Treasurer Jackie Trad allocated around $1.6 billion to the Ipswich area on Tuesday, with most of the cash - $895.9m - heading towards infrastructure programs.

The government has also set aside $642.8m for health and $107.3m for education across Ipswich and surrounding areas.

The biggest funding commitment is for the Ipswich Motorway Rocklea to Darra additional lanes projects, with $70m allocated to this.

The Warrego Highway M1 Crosby Road intersection works received  $22m and $6.5m was allocated to the East Ipswich railway station upgrade.

Law and order loomed large for Ipswich in the budget with the new 32-bed youth detention centre for Wacol receiving $42m and Wacol's new QPS Counter-Terrorism and Community Training Centre receiving $28m.

The Swanbank E Power Station has $52.3m.

Blocks in Ripley.
Blocks in Ripley. Rob Williams

Education providers scored well, with $60.6m allocated for the new secondary and primary schools at Ripley, $2.6m going to the Goodna Special School, $2m bound for Ipswich State High; $1.9m earmarked for Forest Lake State School, Fernbrook State High scoring $7m, Springfield Central State High receiving $5.2m and Laidley State High gaining $3.6m.

The Ipswich Hospital expansion received $10m and $2.8 will be made available for the Inala Community Health Centre.

Around $54 million will be spent on improving social housing options across the region.

Water released at Somerset Dam.
Water released at Somerset Dam. Tom Threadingham

Other Ipswich funding commitments include:

• Somerset Dam safety upgrade planning works: $6.2 million;
• Esk replacement auxiliary fire and rescue station: $1.7 million;
• Wivenhoe power station: $3.6 million;
• Ripley Valley Priority Development Area Infrastructure: $7.7 million;
• Springfield Central train station park 'n' ride: $2.4 million;  
• Glenore Grove substation upgrade: $3.6 million; 
• Mount Crosby East Bank Water Treatment Plant filtration upgrade: $5.1 million;
• Darra train station park 'n' ride: $273,000; 
• Oxley Priority Development Area: $16.3 million;
• Murri Court expansion: $899,000;
• Lowood State High School: $550,000;  
• Inala Wangarra Inc: $266,000;
• The Workshops Rail Museum: $250,000; 
• Ipswich Netball: $232,254; 
• Rosewood replacement auxiliary fire and rescue station: $50,000; 
• District domestic and family violence coordinators $232,000; and
• Boonah Town Centre revitalisation: $293,920.

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